The Kurtosis Blog

27 February 2023
When to act on data
A cool diagram

23 December 2022
Operational versus strategic
Patient A versus patients like Patient A

4 November 2022
Flavours of fullness
Not all fullness is equal

29 June 2022
The FlowStories Synopsis
Move from 'what is' to 'what ought to be'

16 June 2022
The gap...
...between the 'whole system' level and the 'exit block' level

7 June 2022
Data with a Human Face
Individual stories help us understand the big picture

27 May 2022
The Shading of the Delays
Does the middle delay need to be made more visible?

24 February 2020
Three Panoramic Views
It's not just the wide sweep

15 November 2019
Furlong Markers
Activity, length of stay and fullness.

11 October 2019
Data Viewpoints
Different perspectives on the same thing

15 November 2018
Albrecht Dürer's Rhinoceros
Can you make a visual representation of something you've never actually seen?

12 October 2018
The NHS-R Community Conference
Reflections on a day spent with the R tribe

9 March 2018
Coalface Data
Information for the grass roots

2 March 2018
Data Form and Function
Data needs new media containers

29 November 2017
SPC: it's not just a technical thing
Don't just master the stats; understand the processes, too

3 October 2017
Tweaking the Learning Healthcare System
Assembling data and feeding back data: these are collaborative activities

30 August 2017
The S in SPC
Do we really have to do those statistical calculations?

25 July 2017
What can NHS information analysts learn from the journeys of Marco Polo?
Can we find a way of superimposing individual patient journeys on static maps?

17 February 2017
Developing analytical capability in health care
Can analysts solve this problem on their own?