Some suggestions for useful healthcare data analysis

21 November 2017
Developing the coloured dots visualization of a day's patient flow
20 January 2014
How to use Excel to visualize the asymmetry between hospital arrival and departure times
17 January 2014
Visualizing the asymmetry between hospital arrivals and departures
6 August 2013
What happens when we try to show spacing and clustering on a control chart?
26 July 2013
How to keep track of when hospital inpatients are in the wrong beds
15 June 2013
"...a graphical aid for institutional comparisons..."
10 May 2012
How to draw stairstep control limits on a control chart in Microsoft Excel
28 February 2012
How to overlay percentiles on a histogram in Microsoft Excel
23 September 2011
How should we measure how many hospital inpatients are in the wrong beds?
4 June 2010
As long as you know what you're doing vis-a-vis standard error, then a funnel plot is easy enough to do in Excel. The trick is to remember that it's a scatterplot, not a line chart.
27 May 2010
Invented by the American statistician John Tukey, and first shown the light of day in 1977, box plots are a neat graphical way of summarizing a dataset by showing the minimum, lower quartile, median, upper quartile and maximum values. There are various workarounds for creating box plots in Excel but I reckon this is the best way..
27 May 2010
The =REPT function is a useful way of generating graphical displays within a spreadsheet, without having to resort to Excel's chart functionality. It allows you to display a lot of data in a small space.
27 May 2010
If "population pyramid" is a term that was invented in the UK, it must've been invented a long time ago because it's been ages since the UK's population structure, broken down by age and sex, resembled a pyramid. As time goes by, the pyramid looks increasingly top-heavy and unstable. Here are step-by=step instructions on how to draw a population pyramid in Excel.