Half-formed ideas: the shorter-form Kurtosis blog

15 November 2018
Can you make a visual representation of something you've never actually seen?
12 October 2018
I went to the NHS-R Community Conference in Birmingham on Tuesday. It was great. Here are three observations about it.
28 November 2017
The step-change that’s needed in order for SPC to become popular isn’t just about surmounting some technical obstacles; I think there’s a behavioural change that’s involved. Built into SPC's architecture is the idea that the analyst drawing the chart also has an understanding of the process the chart is describing.
22 November 2017
What are the practical actions that need to be taken to make the use of control charts the default choice for trusts to monitor their operational data as well as being used for improvement projects?
3 October 2017
Assembling data and feeding back data: these are collaborative activities
25 July 2017
Can we find a way of superimposing individual patient journeys on static maps?
17 February 2017
Can analysts solve this problem on their own?
15 February 2017
Prologue > Grid > Scatter > Audit
10 February 2017
You need all the ingredients. And a method, too.
3 February 2017
Flow_ology's narrative arc
13 January 2017
Changimg the way we describe health and social care activity
6 January 2017
What's the right balance between fieldwork and deskwork?
22 January 2016
Neil and Ellie each choose three of their favourite photos from Flow Data Symposium
14 October 2015
How much time should a data analyst spend analysing data?