Action replay for healthcare systems

Everything you wanted to know about Flowopoly (but were afraid to ask).

Easels, highlighters and mugs. Flowopoly at the Stirling Court Hotel: 31st October 2014

The Quick Flowopoly Overview
Flowopoly in 500 words. This will take two minutes to read, and gives you the general idea of what it's about and what it tries to do.

Five shades of yellow, green, blue and pink
Using colour to make length of stay visible.

Conversations about data about patient flow
Here are some of the ways we're trying to get the forum right.

Obstacles to using data
trying to reconcile different worldviews.

It's just another way of looking at data
If the thing we're trying to decribe with data moves, maybe we should make the data move, too.

The SECC Intro
This was the curtain-raising script we used when we showcased Flowopoly at the NHS Scotland Event at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in June 2014.

Flowopoly Epiphany
A blogpost that muses on how Flowopoly can act as a window on different views of the world.