Fri 11th December 2015 / 1:00pm to 4:15pm / Whitespace, Norloch House, 36 King's Stables Road, Edinburgh EH1 2EU

Flow Data Symposium

A conversation about how we use data to describe and understand patient flow

Flow Data Symposium is an event scheduled for the afternoon of Friday 11th December 2015 where around 75 people will meet to have a conversation about how well we use data to make sense of the NHS's unscheduled care problem. There' will be a mix of disciplines and professions: medics, nurses, AHPs, managers, information managers and improvement specialists. Some from within the NHS; others from private sector organisations.

There are blogposts.

Conversations about data about patient flow
This provides you with an idea of the thinking behind the event, the importance of creating the right mood and forum within which a meaningful conversation can take place.

Five shades of yellow, green, blue and pink
A piece about how we use colour-coding to make length of stay visible.

Obstacles to using data
There's a problem with how we try to reconcile the specific and the general. Some thoughts on that written down here.

Flowopoly: it's just another way of looking at data
If the thing we're trying to describe with data moves, maybe we should make the data move, too