Re-visualize emergency healthcare

Flow_ology is an innovative, hands-on, highly participative one-day workshop that proposes a new way of bringing data to bear on the NHS's patient flow problems. It is aimed at any member of staff—clinical or managerial, data-literate or non-data-literate—who is involved in patient flow.

Flowopoly at the Countess of Chester Hospital: 26 July 2016

Session 1 (9:15am to 11:00am)
A bad day in the life of Anytown General Hospital
We start with a Flowopoly set piece. We take a "bad day" from the recent life of a real hospital (the identities of the hospital and the patients are anonymised) and we replay all the patient movements of that day to detect the patterns underlying poor flow and to identify what data we need to describe patient flow with resonance.

Session 2 (11:15am to 12:45pm)
Creating the basic descriptive data exhibits
The Flowopoly replay will have highlighted the need to describe the activity, length of stay and occupancy of each part of the system. In the second session we explore the most effective ways of decribing these measures using data. Most of this session is a hands-on workshop in which participants work together to create the data exhibits in Excel from raw data.

Session 3 (1:30pm to 3:00pm)
Exploring the cause-and-effect relationships in the healthcare system
So far in the workshop we have been using data to describe patient flow. The third session of Flow_ology is about using data to understand patient flow. We can use the three basic measures of activity (how many?), length of stay (how long?) and occupancy (how full?) to help us identify the things that cause bad flow to happen. Most of this session is a workshop in which we create and discuss scatterplots.

Ailsa Howie at the Western General Hospital Flowopoly Workshop: 17 October 2014

Session 4 (3:15pm to 4:30pm)
Ward by ward "ought-to-be" numbers
In the final session we show how to go about the process of agreeing the "ought-to-be" numbers for each ward and department in the hospital. This has to be a collaborative, bottom-up process, in which the cause-and-effect relationships need to be explained and understood by all the stakeholders.

If you want to book a place at an open course, please first check the course calendar for available dates and prices, and then email info@kurtosis.co.uk to book a place. If you can't see any scheduled dates, email me anyway and we can try to set one up on a date that works for you.

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A degree of familiarity with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint is helpful for this training course.