About Kurtosis

"Too much data; not enough information."

Decision-makers in the NHS need data to inform their decisions. But it's not as simple as saying "OK, look—here's the data you asked for!" The process of getting data into the decision-making mainstream can be tortuous.

Information-based decision-making should be easy. But it's not.

Kurtosis is a UK-based information training consultancy. We design and deliver courses and workshops that help the health service make sense of data.

We provide three types of information training: how to how to interpret data, how to analyse data and how to present data. Our training is mainly delivered through one-day courses that are informal, practical and packed with real-life NHS examples.

There are courses for managers. There are courses for analysts. And there are courses for clinicians. We deliver most of our training in-house, on clients' own premises, but we also schedule open courses at city centre locations from time to time.

Kurtosis is passionate about getting information into the mainstream. The health service needs high quality information analysis that is aligned with its operational and strategic challenges. And it needs the results of that analysis to be presented professionally and interpreted wisely.

Our training solutions are centred on these values.

Neil Pettinger anaximapping, 4th February 2016. © Ellie Morag Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Kurtosis is Neil Pettinger. After spending nearly twenty years as an NHS information manager, Neil reinvented himself as a training consultant and he now drives up and down the motorways of the UK delivering courses and workshops for NHS staff. Here is his LinkedIn profile. Oh, and you can also follow him on Twitter.