R in Eighty Days

How much R can I learn from scratch in eleven-and-a-half weeks?

5 September 2019
I've been spending too much time just following textbooks and tutorials without actually doing anything in R, and that it is about time I tried actually doing something for myself in R. So I thought: how about if I just find a .csv file somewhere, one that contains—for example—raw patient flow data, and I import it into R Studio, and I then just try running—say—the skim function on it.

4 September 2019
This is Fundamentals of R. This looks—judging by the number of headings and subheadings on the contents listing—as if it's going to be a longer course than the first one, And it begins by introducing me to something called R Markdown.

[ ... ]

25 August 2019
I started easy: I've just done the basic arithmetic examples (17 + 3) on page 19. So far, so pleasingly simple.

23 August 2019
I'm on page 22 of R in a Nutshell, I've just finished a section on Functions (the examples it gave were not ones I can see myself using—exp and cos, for example—though I can see that log might occasionally be useful).

18 August 2019
Here's one of the things. I'll get to the complete picture later on, but I've been doing a piece of work recently that has been about measuring and describing inpatient clinical activity in a way that is—hopefully—relevant and meaningful to clinicians. The clinicians in question are physicians: consultants in Medicine of the Elderly.

17 August 2019
Perhaps even retract what I said about them. I was quite rude about vectors. I was dismissive. I was a bit "What's the point of vectors?" So I've now had a chance to sleep on that jumped-to conclusion, and I want to re-think things for a moment.

16 August 2019
I did once attempt an R tutorial on DataCamp about 15 months ago. I'd been feeling guilty after a collaboration...

15 August 2019
I want to see how much R I can learn over the next two-and-a-half months. That's eleven-and-a-half weeks. Or eighty days. If I'm starting today (Thursday 15th August), that'll take me up to Saturday 2nd November.